Rede Aparecida

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Rede Aparecida
Launched 8 Sep 2005
Owned by Fundação Nossa Senhora Aparecida
Slogan Você em boa companhia
(en: You in good company)
Country Brazil
Language (Portuguese)
Broadcast area For broadcast television, satellite signature in Brazil
Headquarters Aparecida (SP)
TVA Channel 166

Rede Aparecida (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈʁedʒi apaɾeˈsidɐ]), also known as TV Aparecida is a Brazilian television network of religious content, based in Aparecida, in São Paulo.


TV Aparecida was an initiative with support from the Catholic Church.

The Foundation Our Lady of Aparecida, Aparecida sponsor of Radio, won the award of UHF channel 59 of Aparecida - SP which went live on September 8, 2005.

In April 2010 became part of the grid Telefónica Digital TV.

On August 23, 2010 TV Aparecida TV in partnership with the New Song held the first presidential debate. It is the first time that TV stations in Brazil Catholic do this kind of event.


  • Brazil Elector (TV Cultura)
  • Forward
  • Living Area
  • Family in Focus
  • Marine World
  • New Telecourse
  • Tuning (TV Camara)
  • TVendo & Learning
  • Via Legal
  • Brazil Off-Road
  • More Sports
  • Family Cinema
  • Super Tuesday
  • Clubti
  • Et Cetera
  • TJ Aparecida
  • TJ Aparecida - Highlights of the Week
  • Curtains
  • Route Musical
  • Directions - Brazil Song (Itaú Cultural)
  • Land of the Patron
  • Angelus with the Pope (CTV)
  • Welcome Romero
  • Consecration
  • God With Us
  • God in My House
  • Meeting with Devotees
  • Santa Celebrities
  • Church in Brazil
  • Mother Mary
  • Mass in Aparecida
  • Mass Matrix Basilica of Aparecida
  • Mass of Padre Cicero
  • Novena of Aparecida
  • Think like Jesus thought
  • Third of Aparecida
  • Time
  • On the Road
  • Flavor of Life
  • Sanctuary Action
  • All Craft
  • Southern Living
  • Familia Rocha
  • Apostles
  • Laurel and Hardy
  • Teresa of the Andes

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