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Rede Bandeirantes
TypeFree-to-air television network
Availability92% terrestrial and via satellite signal available in Brazil, and via cable internationally.
FoundedMay 13, 1967
by João Jorge Saad
TV stations
  • TV Band São Paulo
  • TV Band Rio de Janeiro
  • TV Band Brasília
  • TV Band Minas
  • TV Band Bahia
  • TV Band Amazonas
  • TV Band Curitiba
  • TV Band Porto Alegre
  • TV Band Natal
  • TV Band Piauí
  • TV Band Campinas
  • TV Band Paulista
  • TV Band Vale
  • TV Band Rio Interior
  • TV Band Triângulo
1.5 points (2016)
RevenueDecrease US$162.06 million[1]
HeadquartersSão Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
OwnerGrupo Bandeirantes de Comunicação
Key people
Johnny Saad
Launch date
May 13, 1967; 54 years ago (May 13, 1967)
  • 14 UHF (Cuiabá)
  • 16 UHF (Campinas, João Pessoa and Vitória)
  • 17 UHF (Uberaba and São Luís)
  • 19 UHF (Presidente Prudente)
  • 20 UHF (Belo Horizonte and Recife)
  • 21 UHF (Campo Grande and Fortaleza)
  • 22 UHF (Manaus)
  • 23 UHF (São Paulo and Taubaté)
  • 26 UHF (Brasília)
  • 30 UHF (Natal and Goiânia)
  • 32 UHF (Porto Alegre, Florianópolis and Rio Branco)
  • 33 UHF (Barra Mansa)
  • 34 UHF (Macapá)
  • 35 UHF (Rio de Janeiro, Porto Velho and Belém)
  • 38 UHF (Curitiba and Teresina)
  • 39 UHF (Maceió)
  • 42 UHF (Parnaíba)
  • 43 UHF (Aracaju)
  • 46 UHF (Salvador)
Picture format
1080i HDTV
  • NET: Channels 22 and 522 (HD)
  • Vivo TV: Channels 19 and 519 (HD)
  • BVCi: Channel 25
  • CaboNNet: Channel 04
  • TCM: Channel 20 (HD)
  • Cabo Telecom: Channels 116 and 801 (HD)
  • TVN: Channel 420 (HD) (São Luís)
  • TV Alphaville: Channels 21 and 221 (HD)
International channel
Band Internacional
Official website
LanguagePortuguese, Italian, English
The first ever Rede Bandeirantes logo from 1966 to 1981
Rede Bandeirantes' secondary logo from 1967 to 1981.
A 2D variant of the logo from 2011 to 2018

Rede Bandeirantes (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈʁedʒi bɐ̃dejˈɾɐ̃tʃis], Bandeirantes Network), or simply Band (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈbɐ̃dʒi], is a television network from Brazil, based in São Paulo. Part of the Grupo Bandeirantes de Comunicação, it aired for the first time in 1967. Currently[when?] it is the fourth TV network in Brazil by the ratings.[citation needed]


Rede Bandeirantes was founded on May 13, 1967, by João Saad, nephew of São Paulo state governor Ademar de Barros and owner of Rádio Bandeirantes. In 1969 the main TV building suffered a massive fire, which forced Saad to replace his broadcasting equipment. By 1972, TV Bandeirantes was the first Brazilian television network to broadcast fully in color, the same year that Rede Globo did the same. Later in the 1970s Bandeirantes became a national broadcasting network, helped partly by the hit Saturday afternoon program Clube do Bolinha, the Japan-theme program Japan Pop Show and a 2nd wave of drama programs which started in 1979.

Walter Clark, who had previously been the president of Rede Globo, took over Band in 1982 and remodeled the station's programming after his former employer, while the network's present logo debuted that same year, with Cyro Del Nero as its designer. The logo was also shown nationwide given the fact that it – together with Rede Globo – had also at the same time begun nationwide satellite broadcasting as well. This was also the same year that the network began an 18-year tradition of broadcasting the biannual electoral debates at the local levels.

In 2007, the network launched a digital over-the-air feed in São Paulo.

In 2008, Band began to have the support of the Argentinean production company Cuatro Cabezas. Since then, the station has gained more ratings and media attention, thanks to the comedy show CQC - Custe o Que Custar and later to other Cuatro-Cabezas-produced shows. In 2012, the founder and head of the production company, Diego Guebel, became artistic director of the network. With his direction, Band enjoyed a new growth of ratings; those responsible for this new achievement were the shows Pânico na Band - comedy show with the cast of former Pânico na TV, on RedeTV!, Quem Fica em Pé? - Brazilian version of Who's Still Standing? - and MasterChef.


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