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Redemption, the first novel by author, historian and former Trotskyist Tariq Ali, is a roman à clef and apostate satire of the inability of Trotskyists to handle the downfall of the Eastern bloc.

In it Ezra Einstein (a thinly disguised Ernest Mandel) calls a conference whose British sections are 'the Hoods' (the WRP), 'the Rockers' (SWP) and 'the Burrowers League' (Militant). Also invited are the 'Proletarian International Socialist Party of American Workers' (PISPAW) (SWP-US) and representatives from the 'New Life Journal' (New Left Review). It contains portraits of other well-known figures in the Trotskyist movement including Gerry Healy (Frank Hood), Tony Cliff (Jimmy Rock), Ted Grant (Jed Burroughs), Chris Harman (Nutty Shardman), Paul Foot (Alex Mango), Jack Barnes (Jim Noble), Michel Pablo ('Diablo') and Vanessa Redgrave (Laura Shaw).