Redfern-Keily Provincial Park

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Redfern-Keily Provincial Park is a provincial park in British Columbia, Canada.

It is established in the Muskwa Ranges of the northern Rockies, along the Besa River and its tributaries. It was named after William (Bill) Keily (born in January 1878 in Valcartier Village, Quebec). Kelly was a trapper, photographer, and Wilderness Guide in the area.

The centre piece of the park is the Redfern Lake, formed on the course of the Besa River. Glaciers such as the Ithaca Glacier and Achaean Glacier are also protected by this park.

The park is part of the larger Muskwa-Kechika Management Area.[1]


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Coordinates: 57°26′N 123°57′W / 57.433°N 123.950°W / 57.433; -123.950