Redfern Town Hall

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Redfern Town Hall
Redfern Town Hall.JPG
General information
Type Government town hall
Address 73 Pitt Street
Town or city Redfern, New South Wales
Country Australia
Completed 1870
Client Redfern Municipal Council
Owner Sydney City Council (current)
Design and construction
Architect George Allen Mansfield

The Redfern Town Hall is a landmark sandstone civic building located in the heart of Redfern, New South Wales, built in 1870 and designed in the Victorian-Regency style by George Allen Mansfield. It was the seat of the Municipality of Redfern from 1870 to 1948. It stands at 73 Pitt Street, Redfern.

History and description[edit]

On 10 May 1904, the local Member for Redfern and Leader of the NSW Labor Party, James McGowen, launched the State Labor Party's 1904 election campaign at the Town Hall.[1] Redfern Town Hall was the site of a meeting of Rugby League players in 1908, at which the South Sydney District Rugby League Football Club, now the South Sydney Rabbitohs, was officially formed.[2] when administrator J J Giltinan, cricketer Victor Trumper and politician Henry Clement Hoyle came together in front of a large crowd of supporters.[3] On 7 August 1968 Redfern Town Hall was the site of the Chief Commissioner of Sydney Vernon Treatt's proclamation of the Municipality of Northcott (later the City of South Sydney). When the Redfern Legal Centre was established in March 1977, South Sydney Council offered the town hall rent-free and it has been its home since then.[4] The town hall was restored in the 1990s and in 2000 it was placed on the NSW State Heritage Register as a part of the Redfern Estate Heritage Conservation Area.[5]


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