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Year started2014
OrganizationDistributed Management Task Force
Related standardsSystems Management Architecture for Server Hardware
DomainData center management

The Redfish standard is a suite of specifications that deliver an industry standard protocol providing a RESTful interface for the management of servers, storage, networking, and converged infrastructure.[1][2]


The Redfish standard has been elaborated under the SPMF umbrella at the DMTF in 2014. The first specification with base models (1.0) was published in August 2015[3]. In 2016, Models for BIOS, disk drives, memory, storage, volume, endpoint, fabric, switch, PCIe device, zone, software/firmware inventory & update, multi-function NICs), host interface (KCS replacement) and privilege mapping were added. In 2017, Models for Composability, Location and errata were added[4]. There is work in progress for Ethernet Switching, DCIM, and OCP.

In August 2016, SNIA released a first model for network storage services (Swordfish[5]), an extension of the Redfish specification.

Industry adoption[edit]

Redfish support on server[edit]

  • DELL iDRAC BMC with Minimum iDRAC 7/8 FW, iDRAC9 FW
  • HPE iLO BMC with minimum iLO4 FW 2.30, iLO5
  • HPE Moonshot BMC with minimum FW 1.41
  • Lenovo XClarity Controller (XCC) BMC with minimum XCC FW 1.00
  • Supermicro X10 BMC with minimum FW 3.0 and X11 with minimum FW 1.0
  • HUAWEI ?

Redfish support on BMC[edit]

Software using Redfish APIs[edit]

  • OpenStack Ironic bare metal deployment project has a Redfish driver.
  • Ansible has multiple Redfish modules for Remote Management including redfish_facts, redfish_config, and redfish_command

Redfish libraries and tools[edit]

  • DMTF libraries and tools [8]
  • python-redfish [9]
  • Sushy [10]

Redfish is used by both proprietary software (such as HPE OneView) as well as FLOSS ones.[11]

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