Redlands, West Wittering

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Redlands Farm (as shown on a map of southwest Sussex, 1835)
Redlands Farm (as shown on a map of southwest Sussex, 1835)

Redlands is a country house estate in West Wittering, West Sussex, owned by Keith Richards.[1] Redlands is a Grade II listed building.[2]

In his autobiography, Richards describes purchasing the property in 1966:

We just spoke to each other the minute we saw each other. A thatched house, quite small, surrounded by a moat. I drove up there by mistake...I took a wrong turn and turned into Redlands. This guy walked out, very nice guy, and said, yeah? And I said, oh sorry, we've come to the wrong turning. He said, yes, you want to go Fishbourne way, and he said, are you looking for a house to buy? He was very pukka, an ex-commodore of the Royal Navy. And I said yes.[3][4]

Redlands was the scene of the famous February 1967 police raid, the subsequent arrest of Richards and Mick Jagger and prison sentences for Jagger and Robert Fraser for drugs possession.


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