Redmires Reservoirs

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Redmires Reservoirs
An almost empty Redmires Upper Reservoir
Location Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Coordinates 53°21′58″N 1°36′29″W / 53.366°N 1.608°W / 53.366; -1.608Coordinates: 53°21′58″N 1°36′29″W / 53.366°N 1.608°W / 53.366; -1.608
Type reservoir
Basin countries United Kingdom
Surface area 23 and 19 and 12 hectares (57 and 47 and 30 acres) (Upper, Middle, Lower)
Max. depth 15 and 14 and 14 m (49 and 46 and 46 ft) (Upper, Middle, Lower)
Surface elevation 352 m (1,155 ft)

The Redmires Reservoirs are a group of three reservoirs in Fulwood, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. They are fed from the Hallam Moors by various small streams including Fairthorn Clough. The three reservoirs are named Upper, Middle and Lower and date from 1836 and were built to provide clean drinking water via a water course down to Barker's Pool 5½ miles away following the devastating Sheffield cholera epidemic of 1832.

The area is popular with walkers and bird watchers. A path, the Long Causeway leads from the Upper reservoir, onto the moors to Stanedge Pole and then onto Stanage Edge. This route was once thought to be a Roman road but is now thought to be a Medieval packhorse saltway, used to convey salt from Cheshire to Yorkshire.[1]


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