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canoe course and old railway bridge in Fürth-Weikershof
Country Germany
Physical characteristics
River mouth Regnitz
49°29′11″N 10°59′12″E / 49.48639°N 10.98667°E / 49.48639; 10.98667Coordinates: 49°29′11″N 10°59′12″E / 49.48639°N 10.98667°E / 49.48639; 10.98667
Length 46 km (29 mi)

The Rednitz is a 46 km long river in Franconia, Germany, tributary of the Regnitz (more precisely: its southern, left headstream). The Rednitz is formed by the confluence of the rivers Fränkische Rezat and Schwäbische Rezat, in Georgensgmünd (district of Roth). The Rednitz flows north through Roth bei Nürnberg, Schwabach and the southwestern quarters of Nuremberg. The Rednitz joins the Pegnitz to form the Regnitz in Fürth.


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