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Red shirt, Redshirt or Redshirts may refer to:

Groups and movements[edit]



  • Redshirt (college sports), delaying a college athlete's participation in order to lengthen eligibility
  • Redshirting (academic), the practice of postponing entrance into kindergarten of age-eligible children in order to allow extra time for emotional, intellectual or physical growth

Film, television and literature[edit]

  • Redshirt (character), a stock "cannon fodder" character, originating in the original Star Trek TV series
    • Redshirt Blues, a 2001 Star Trek fan film parodying the use of redshirts
    • Redshirts (novel), a 2012 novel by John Scalzi that also parodies the Star Trek trope
  • Red Shirts (film), a 1952 film about Anita Garibaldi, the wife of Giuseppe Garibaldi, directed by Franco Rossi



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