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Redwing (Carrie Levine) is a fictional winged metahuman from the DC Comics universe who first appeared in New Titans #79 (September, 1991). She is a member of Team Titans and was trained by Nightwing, an alternate future version of Dick Grayson. Later, she metamorphosized into a more aggressive avian form dubbed Warbird.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Carrie was from an alternate timeline 10 years in the future in which a tyrant named Lord Chaos ruled Earth. Carrie's parents were scientists involved in genetic research at S.T.A.R. Labs; exposure to radiation altered the DNA of their unborn twin children. Carrie was born with red-feathered wings and her brother Jonathan aka "Prestor Jon" was born with the ability to interface with computers.

They were hidden by their parents from Lord Chaos, but their parents' genetic research was used by Lord Chaos to find and eliminate other metahumans. After Lord Chaos killed their parents, they joined the underground. Carrie later joined Team Titans as Redwing.

Redwing and her teammates Killowat, Terra (Tara Markov), Mirage, and Nightrider were selected to be sent back in time. They were later followed by Nightwing and Battalion. Their mission was to kill Wonder Girl (Donna Troy) before she could give birth to Lord Chaos.

When Redwing tried to visit her past self, she discovered that the Levines had twin daughters named Carrie and Joanna, both who were perfectly normal.

Redwing is part of the honor guard for Superman's funeral, along with dozens of other heroes. [1] Redwing and her Titans friends join with dozens of other heroes to destroy murderous alien parasites. [2]

Zero Hour[edit]

The paradox induced by their travel to the past was apparently part of the time crisis known as Zero Hour. It was revealed that the real tyrant, the Monarch, had created and brainwashed the members of Team Titans 36 years in the future in 2030 AD. He then sent them to the past so he could use them to further his goals and thwart anyone who tried to stop him. [3]

After the resolution of Zero Hour, most of the Team Titans characters ceased to exist. Only Terra, Mirage and Deathwing survived. The Time Trapper had created them to infiltrate Team Titans as his sleeper agents that would help him fight the Monarch when the time came.


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