Redwings Horse Sanctuary

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Redwings Horse Sanctuary
Redwings Horse Sanctuary.png
Founder Wendy Valentine
Registration no. 1068911

Redwings Horse Sanctuary is a registered charity that provides a home for rescued horses, based in Norfolk, England.


According to RHS, their "primary purpose is to provide and promote the welfare, protection and care of horses, ponies, donkeys, and mules that have suffered from maltreatment, neglect or poor circumstance. Our work has three main themes – rescue and rehabilitation, specialist sanctuary care and prevention through education".[1]


Redwings was founded in 1984 by Wendy Valentine who left to form Hillside Animal Sanctuary in 1995.[2] Redwings is now the largest horse charity in the UK.[3] Redwings provides a safe home for rescued horses, ponies, donkeys and mules who have been neglected and ill-treated, such as those rescued from Spindles Farm, the largest case of equine animal cruelty ever seen in the UK.

In October 2005 Redwings merged with the Ada Cole Memorial Stables in Essex and have visitor centres in Norfolk, Essex and Warwickshire. According to the Annual Return for 31 Dec 2015 it had income of £12.01 million and expenditure of £10.00 million.[4]

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