Redwood Bowl

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Redwood Bowl
Location Humboldt State University, Union St, Arcata, CA 95521
Owner Humboldt State University
Operator Humboldt State University
Capacity 8,000
Surface FieldTurf
Opened 1946

Redwood Bowl is the main stadium on the campus of Humboldt State University in Arcata, CA. It is used for HSU Football games as well as local high school contests. Construction began in the late 1930s as part of a Work Projects Administration grant.

The first game in Redwood Bowl was played on Sunday, Oct. 8, 1946, with the Stanford University JV defeating Humboldt State, 20-0. Two weeks later, when Stanford's varsity played its first game of the season against UCLA, eight of the "JV" starters against the Lumberjacks were varsity starters. Stanford had been secured for the dedication game in Redwood Bowl to ensure a large crowd.

Complaints from merchants whose Saturday afternoon trade was being drawn away by football games encouraged administrators to begin a campaign geared toward funding lights for Redwood Bowl. In the spring of 1947, lights were purchased from a firm in Iowa for $2,000, with another $1,000 for switches and wiring. Alumnus Bunny Hadley donated the labor to wire the field, and poles were donated by a local lumber operator. Payment for the remainder of the work, including leasing a crane and operator, was through a $4,000 loan secured through Bank of America and paid off out of student fees over the next several years.

The bowl was resurfaced during the summer of 2011. According to HSU Facilities Management, Redwood Bowl is the most heavily-used field on campus, employed by recreational sports programs, including intramurals, kinesiology and other department classes, football team practice and games, commencement, special events and general student use.

Redwood Bowl has a max seating capacity of 8,000 people.


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