Reebok Human Rights Award

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Reebok Human Rights Award
Reebok human rights logo.png
Awarded forGiven to activists under the age of thirty who fight for human rights through non-violent means
Sponsored byReebok
CountryUnited States
Presented byReebok Foundation
First awarded1988
Last awarded2007; 16 years ago (2007)

The Reebok Human Rights Award honoured activists under the age of thirty who fought for human rights through non-violent means. Each year, the award was given to four or five individuals. Each received a grant of US $50,000 that was to be used to support their human rights work. The awards were underwritten by the Reebok Foundation.

Roots can be traced to 1988 when Amnesty International invited Reebok to sponsor Human Rights Now!, a series of worldwide music concerts.[1] Youth from close to 40 countries received the award since it was established in 1988. No new awards have been given out since 2007.



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