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Reed Adalbert Albee (8 September 1885 – 2 August 1961) was an American businessman. He is most noted as the adoptive father of the American playwright Edward Albee and for being a member of a prominent East Coast family who owned several theaters.


Albee was born on 8 September 1885 in Boston, Massachusetts to Edward Franklin Albee II and Laurette Frances Albee (née Smith). He had a younger sister, Ethel, who was born in 1890.

Albee married Louise Holmes Williams, an actress, on 10 June 1914. They were divorced on 26 February 1925.[1][2]

On 7 March 1925, Albee married Frances Cotter in Jersey City, New Jersey. She worked at Jay Thorpe, Inc. at 24 West Fifty-seventh Street in Manhattan. They moved to Larchmont, New York and adopted a son, whom they named Edward Franklin Albee III (1928- ). He died in Larchmont.[3]

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