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Reed Nelson Weisiger (May 2, 1838 – September 12, 1908) was a Texas State Senator from District 26.[1] Reed Weisiger was often mentioned for Governor of Texas but he declined to run.[1][2]

Weisiger was Chairman of the Stock and Stock Raising Committee and was on eleven other Senate committees. He served in the Legislature from 1891 to 1893.[1]

Early life and education[edit]

Weisiger was born in Danville, Kentucky, May 2, 1838, and attended school there. He completed his education at Centre College, taking a full classical course, and graduated in 1858. He then came to Texas and was a pioneer in Victoria County.[3]

Business, military, and fraternal order[edit]

Weisiger was a rancher and farmer and raised thoroughbred horses from the famous Alexander stables of Kentucky. He owned Incommode, which ran in the Kentucky Derby in 1887.[4]

Weisiger served as a cavalry officer in the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War. At the end of the war, he held the rank of captain.[5]

Weisiger was a member of the Masonic Lodge and held the degree of Master Mason.[3]


Weisiger's father was Dr. Joseph Weisiger. His mother was Isabella Reed Weisiger. Weisiger's mother was a descendant of a Virginia family related to the Clays and Adamses.[5] Weisiger married Annie Belle Callender on June 24, 1874. Weisiger and his wife had eight children: Robert Sidney Weisiger, Roper C. Weisiger, Joseph Reed Weisiger, Isabella Weisiger Mackrell, Lucy R. Weisiger, Sarah Weisiger, William Hardeman Weisiger, and Grayson Carter Weisiger.[6]

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