Reeds Lake

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Reeds Lake
Reeds Lake.JPG
Location East Grand Rapids, Michigan
Coordinates 42°57′N 85°36′W / 42.95°N 85.60°W / 42.95; -85.60Coordinates: 42°57′N 85°36′W / 42.95°N 85.60°W / 42.95; -85.60
Primary outflows Dredged channel to Fisk Lake
Basin countries United States
Surface area 265 acres (1.1 km2)[1]
Max. depth 52 ft (16 m)[2]
Surface elevation 732 feet (223 m)[3]
Settlements East Grand Rapids, Michigan

Reeds Lake is a fresh-water lake in the city of East Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States.

Reeds Lake is visible from John Collins Park. Named for John A. Collins, EGR mayor from 1933 to 1956, this park provides handicap-accessible trails, observation overlooks, a fishing deck, gardens, and a view of Reeds Lake. A public boat launch is open during daylight hours.

The Reeds Lake Triathlon takes place in early September, and the Reeds Lake Run is typically in late June. A footpath around the lake is 4.2 miles (6.8 km) long.[4]

Reeds Lake is also the home of the Grand Rapids Yacht Club, which sits on the west shore of the lake, between Collins Park and the East Grand Rapids public library.

Ramona Park is the most-remembered feature of the bygone days of East Grand Rapids and Reeds Lake. The amusement park, owned and operated by the Grand Rapids Street Railway Company, was a destination spot for thousands of families between 1897 and 1955. A passenger steamer by the name of Ramona was used to ferry passengers around the lake to various destinations.

The Point Paulo resort was also located along the shores of Reeds Lake in the early 1900s. Several stars of Vaudeville called Reeds Lake and the Ramona Theatre (which was part of Ramona Park) their favorite stop on the theatre circuit.

Reeds lake is currently circled by a number of buildings including; the municipal buildings, the East Grand Rapids Middle School, the restaurant Roses, the Grand Rapids Yacht Club, numerous marinas, and many houses.


By the 1870s Reeds Lake had become a popular day trip stop for residents of Grand Rapids and other surrounding communities.[5]


Reeds Lake is bounded by marl and peat.[1]

The lake is a habitat for the great blue heron, as well as for several Anatidae species, such as the Canada goose and trumpeter swan.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources stocks the lake with various fish species, including northern pike and largemouth bass.


Reeds Lake was originally connected to Fisk Lake by a natural stream. This channel was deepened and widened by a steam dredge.

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