Reedville Creek Park

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Reedville Creek Park
Reedville Creek Park.JPG
Plaza area of the park with playground equipment and picnic shelter
Type Public, city
Location Hillsboro, Oregon
United States
Coordinates 45°30′31″N 122°54′14″W / 45.50861°N 122.90389°W / 45.50861; -122.90389Coordinates: 45°30′31″N 122°54′14″W / 45.50861°N 122.90389°W / 45.50861; -122.90389[1]
Area 9.6 acres (39,000 m2)
Created 2003
Operated by Hillsboro Parks & Recreation Department
Status open
Parking 40 spaces
Website Reedville Creek Park

Reedville Creek Park is a municipal park in the Reedville neighborhood of Hillsboro, Oregon, United States. Opened in 2003, the 9.6-acre (39,000 m2) park is along Cornelius Pass Road at Francis Street in the southeast area of the city. The park includes basketball courts, children’s play equipment, a picnic shelter, tennis courts, and sports fields among other amenities. Reedville Creek was the first and is the only park in Hillsboro with a skatepark.


In 1999, Hillsboro bought a 9.6-acre (39,000 m2) parcel for park to be built at Cornelius Pass Road and Francis Street.[2] The land, which abuts Reedville Creek, was a filbert orchard when the city made the purchase.[3] That same year the city announced plans to build a city owned skatepark at a then undetermined location.[2] In 2001, the parks department finalized plans for the park, which included parking, basketball courts, sports fields, tennis courts, play equipment, and the skatepark.[3]

In March of the following year the city solicited input from residents on the design of what was then planned to be a 15,000-square-foot (1,400 m2) skatepark.[4] At that time the name of Reedville Creek Park had been adopted. Prior to committing to a skateboard facility, the city waited to build one to ensure skateboarding and inline skating were not merely fads.[5] Early plans estimated the cost of the structure to total approximately $100,000 for the outdoor skatepark that was to be designed to accommodate beginner and intermediate levels of ability.[5]

During the skatepark design process, the city received over 100 suggestions from residents, primarily from teenagers.[6] The process resulted in plans for a skatepark that featured primarily street elements such as steps and rails that skateboarders would normally find in urban settings.[6] Mike McIntyre and his SITE Design Group were hired by the city to design the skatepark, which had then grown to a 18,000-square-foot (1,700 m2) plan and a cost of $200,000 to $300,000.[6] The city put the construction out for bid on the entire park in May 2002, with estimates for the total cost of the park reaching as high as $1.5 million.[6][7]

Skatepark at the park

The city hired Corp Inc. for $1.54 million to build Reedville Creek Park in June 2002, with construction beginning that month.[7] Hillsboro estimated the park would be completed by the end of the year.[7] By mid-November the concrete ramps at the park had been installed.[8] In February 2003, the park and skatepark opened.[9] Funds to pay for the park were collected from the city’s development charges.[6]

The opening of the park attracted skateboarders from around the Portland metropolitan area.[10] The skatepark was the first one in a Hillsboro park.[6] That summer the city built a fence between the basketball courts and the skatepark.[10] Since opening the park has hosted events such as a safety fair in 2004,[11] annual skateboarding camps,[12][13] a tennis camp held by the National Junior Tennis League in 2007,[14] and a park clean-up event organized by SOLV that included removal of non-native species from Reedville Creek held in May 2008.[15]

When the skatepark at Reedville Creek opened, only skateboarders were allowed to use the skatepark.[16] In June 2010, the city started a 90-day trial period where people riding bicycles and scooters would be allowed to use the skatepark as well.[16] Hillsboro made the change permanent in October of that year.[17]


Athletic fields and landscaping

Reedville Creek Park features areas for a variety of sports related activities as well as traditional park amenities. The park has two basketball courts, two tennis courts, a softball field, and a soccer field.[18] There is also a 19,000-square-foot (1,800 m2) skatepark along the eastern edge of the park built of concrete which is also lighted.[6][19] Other facilities include a picnic shelter, children’s playground equipment, paths, and public restrooms.[18] The park has a parking lot that can hold up to 40 cars.[7] There is also a memorial at the park to Paul Grillo who was killed by his brother while the two were in college at the University of Oregon.[20]


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