Reef Diver

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Reef Diver
Reef Diver - Dreamworld.jpg
AreaOcean Parade
Coordinates27°51′53.10″S 153°18′58.76″E / 27.8647500°S 153.3163222°E / -27.8647500; 153.3163222Coordinates: 27°51′53.10″S 153°18′58.76″E / 27.8647500°S 153.3163222°E / -27.8647500; 153.3163222
Opening date1983 (1983)
Closing date28 April 2014 (2014-04-28)
General statistics
Attraction typeEnterprise
Height18.3 m (60 ft)
Speed60 km/h (37 mph)
Capacity500 riders per hour
Riders per vehicle2
Previous nameEnterprise
Maximum angle87°

Reef Diver was an Enterprise amusement ride in the Ocean Parade section of Dreamworld on the Gold Coast, Australia.[1][2]


Reef Diver opened in the County Fair section of Dreamworld in 1983. At that time it operated under the name Enterprise.[1][3][4] In 2000, the actual ride from Schwarzkopf Industries was replaced with a new one from Meshio.[1] In 2002, Ocean Parade was expanded to encompass the remaining rides in County Fair. The processed involved the renaming and retheming of the ride to Reef Diver.[1][5][6] On 28 April 2014, Reef Diver closed and was subsequently removed.[1]


The Reef Diver is an Enterprise ride.[1] Two riders sit inline in each of 20 gondolas arranged in an 18.3-metre (60 ft) circle.[1][7] The ride spins clockwise at speeds of up to 60 km/h (37 mph),[1] dispelling a slight amount of centrifugal force.[7] A hydraulically powered arm underneath the ride then raises and tilts the frame so that the ride is rotating at 87° from the horizontal, transforming the ride from a horizontal experience to a nearly vertical one.[7] The Reef Diver features no safety restraints as the centrifugal force applied to the riders is sufficient to keep them pinned in their seats.[7][8] Riders can experience up to 3 times the force of gravity during the ride.[1]


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