Reel 2 Remixed

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Reel 2 Remixed
Albumcover reel2remixed.jpg
Remix album by Reel 2 Real
Released 1995 (UK)
Length 53:18
Label Positiva
Producer Erick Morillo, Ralphie Muniz
Reel 2 Real chronology
Move It!
Reel 2 Remixed
Are You Ready for Some More?

Reel 2 Remixed, the second album released by the house/reggae-influenced duo Reel 2 Real, is a remix of their first album, Move It!.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks are produced by Erick Morillo with co-producers Keith Litman, Ralphie Muniz, and Peter Tulloch, featuring vocals by Althea McQueen and Mark Quashie.

No. Title Length
1. "Go On Move" (Work Remix) 6:25
2. "Can You Feel It?" (Roger's Basshit Mix) 7:09
3. "I Like To Move It" (Alex Party X-Plode Remix) 4:19
4. "Conway" (B.O.D. Club Mix) 4:16
5. "Raise Your Hands" (Armand's Static Head Mix) 5:04
6. "Can You Feel It?" (Duke Blows Da Blaster Dub And Da Duke Break) 8:58
7. "Conway" (Way Out West Down Deep Mix) 4:32
8. "Can You Feel It?" (Jules & Skins Piano Dub) 6:18
9. "The Stuntman's Anthem" (Potential Bad Boy's Darkside Journey) 6:17