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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Yu.
Reen Yu
Chinese name 喻虹淵 (traditional)
Chinese name 喻虹渊 (simplified)
Pinyin Yù Hóngyuān (Mandarin)
Born (1987-10-22) October 22, 1987 (age 29)
Other name(s) Xiaoyuan (小渊)
Occupation Actress, model
Label(s) Prajna
Years active 2008–present
Spouse(s) Vic Zhou

Reen Yu (born October 22, 1987) is a Taiwanese actress and model.


Yu is currently studying in Fu Jen Catholic University, department of philosophy. While she attended high school, she appeared in many music videos and commercials. In 2009, she took on a small role in the Taiwanese television series Black & White. Her outstanding performance in the series and received a good response from netizens.


Television series[edit]

Year Title Status Role
200? 波西米亞進行曲 V5 Television  ??
2008 籃球火 / Hot Shot Television Zhan Jie Er (younger) / 湛潔兒
2008 這裡發現愛 / Wish To See You Again Television Lu Yi (younger) / 陸怡
2009 痞子英雄 / Black & White Television He Xiao Mei / 何小玫
2010 愛似百匯 / Love Buffet
Television Hu Xiao Feng / 胡小風 / Fuuko
2011 勇士們 / Soldier Television Du Yuan (杜媛)
2012 白色之戀 / Die Sterntaler Television Xia Xiang Qi (夏祥琪)
原來愛.就是甜蜜 / Once Upon a Love Television Xu Juan Juan (徐娟娟)
愛情女僕 / Lady Maid Maid Television Liu Shu-qi (劉舒琪)

Music videos[edit]

Year Artist Title of the Song
2004 Mayday 聽不到
2004 Endy Chow 告一段落
2005 JJ Lin 豆漿油條
2006 Sun Ho 做你的公主
2006 Bobby Chen 不再
2007 音樂鐵人 幸福快樂
2008 Fahrenheit 為你存在
2009 Nylon Chen 不再
2009 Jam Hsiao 祝你幸福
2009 ThomasJack 《因为你》音乐爱情故事
2010 AK 一秒钟


Year Title Role
2011 Hand in Hand
2010 艋舺 / MONGA Xiao Hui / 小惠


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