Reeves and Sons

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Industry Manufacturing
Successor Colart Fine Art and Graphics
Founded London, United Kingdom 1766 (1766)
Founder William Reeves
Products Artists' supplies
William Reeves00.jpg

Reeves and Sons is an English artists' supplies firm established by William Reeves (1739-1803) in 1766.[1][2] The firm went through various name changes during its history:

  • Thomas Reeves and Son 1784-1799
  • W. J. Reeves 1799-1800
  • Reeves and Woodyer 1800-1816
  • Reeves, Woodyer and Reeves 1817-1818
  • W. J. Reeves and Son 1819-1829
  • Reeves and Sons 1830-1890
  • Reeves and Sons Ltd 1891-1976

Ownership finally passing to Wilhelm Becker, through ColArt Fine Art and Graphics.