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Cover of Referativny Zhurnal, Series Mathematics

Referativny Zhurnal (Russian: "Реферати́вный журна́л", lit. Review Journal) is a Russian scientific journal dedicated to announcements, summary, and review of scientific information. It is published by VINITI (All-Russian Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of the Russian Academy of Sciences located in Moscow) since 1952. Every year there are 28 volumes, 224 issues in total. There are also summary volumes at the end of the year. The fields of study are divided into series and covered separately:

Starting 2005, VINITI offers an electronic version of the Referativny Zhurnal. Back issues are also available on CD, going back to 1997.

Similar publications in the West[edit]

The Referativny Zhurnal, notably the Mathematics series, was created as a Soviet counterpart to Western scientific publications, such as:

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