Referendums in Taiwan

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Since the Referendum Act (anticipated by the Three Principles of the People and Article 17 of the Constitution of 1947) was enacted by the Legislative Yuan in 2003, there have been six national referendums[1] in Taiwan. Two referendum questions were asked in each of three national elections:

In all those referendums, even though the number of "Yes" votes are much more than "No" votes, the results were invalidated due to low turnout rate. According to the Referendum Law, 50% turnout is required for the referendum to be valid and the Kuomingtang asks its supporters not to vote to boycott the referendums. Therefore, it is proposed to remove the turnout limit in the referendum law.[2]

There were three local referendums held. One was held in Kaohsuing in 2008 for reducing the size of classes in elementary school and highschool. The other two were held in Kinmen and Lienchiang, for legalizing casinos.


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