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Reform Judaism was the world's largest circulated Jewish magazine

Reform Judaism was the official magazine of the Union for Reform Judaism.[1] Its print edition had a quarterly circulation to nearly 300,000 households, synagogues, and other Jewish institutions. The last issue was published in Fall 2014.[2] The magazine was headquartered in New York City.[2]

Awards and academic recognition[edit]

From time to time its articles have won awards or been listed in RAMBI, the index of articles on Jewish Studies:

  • "Why I Have Not Visited Germany" (Winter,1997) by Rabbi Authur Herzberg. The American Jewish Press Association awarded this article a first place Simon Rockower Award for Excellence in Jewish Journal for commentary and editorial writing.
  • "Thank you, Moritz Loth : a 125-year UAHC retrospective" (Spring, 1998) by Michael Meyer is listed in RAMBI.


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