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Reform Party
LeaderLyana Armstrong-Emery
Founded21 March 2000
IdeologyGreen politics
Political positionLeft-wing
European affiliationGreen Party of England and Wales
Mebyon Kernow
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The Gibraltar Reform Party was a political party in Gibraltar. It was a left-leaning party which described itself as green and for social justice.

Originally formed as the Independent Liberal Forum on 21 March 2000, the name was subsequently changed to the later one. The last party leader was Lyana Armstrong-Emery.

The party's broad aim was a decentralisation of power. On the constitutional status of Gibraltar, the party supported a new status, calling for Gibraltar's establishment as a devolved autonomous territory, integrated within a decentralised federal Britain. The party also called for the creation of a local Parliament for Gibraltar, a Member of Parliament (MP) to sit in the British House of Commons in Westminster, and a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) to represent Gibraltar in the European Parliament.

The Reform Party forged links with both the Green Party of England and Wales and Mebyon Kernow. Lyana Armstrong-Emery was voted by the party to take the position on the joint list agreed with the Green Party for the European Elections.

The party ceased operations in 2005 owing to a failure to garner wide public support.

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