Reform Party of California

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Reform Party of California
Senate leader None
House leader None
Founded 1996
Ideology Populism, centrism, conservatism
National affiliation Reform Party of the United States of America
Colors Red, blue

The Reform Party of California is the state of California's affiliate of the Reform Party of the United States of America. It held its first statewide conference at the Los Angeles Convention center on June 1–2, 1996, where about 1,000 members gathered to hear 1992 presidential candidate Ross Perot and potential Reform Party candidate Richard Lamm, among others.[1]

In California gubernatorial recall election of 2003, the Reform Party of California put party chairman and former congressional candidate Jeff Rainforth on the ballot, making him one of 135 candidates. At the time, he stated: "Our message, which has been the same for the last 10 years, is fiscal responsibility and political accountability. We're primarily interested in the financial well-being of the United States and keeping American jobs in the U.S." [2] Rainforth received 435 votes.[3]

In 2009, the chairman of the Reform Party of California, John Blare, challenged the nomination of national chairman David Collison. The dispute was later resolved in federal court.[4]

The California party is the Reform Party affiliate, with 17,937 registered members as of October 22, 2012.[5]

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