Reformation Post TLC

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Reformation Post TLC
Studio album by
ReleasedFebruary 12, 2007 (UK)
GenreAlternative rock
LabelSlogan (UK)
Narnack (US)
ProducerTim "Gracielands" Baxter and Mark E. Smith
The Fall chronology
Fall Heads Roll
Reformation Post TLC
Imperial Wax Solvent
Alternative cover
Front cover of US release
Front cover of US release
Professional ratings
Aggregate scores
Review scores
AllMusic4/5 stars[2]
Robert ChristgauA–[3]
Mojo4/5 stars[4]
Pitchfork Media4.0/10[6]
Q3/5 stars[8]

Reformation Post TLC is the twenty-fifth studio album by the Fall, released in the UK on February 12, 2007.

The album features Mark E Smith and his wife, Elena, with newcomers Tim Presley and Rob Barbato (of Darker My Love), Orpheo McCord (of The Hill) and Dave Spurr (of Motherjohn). Presley, Barbato and McCord, all Americans, joined the band as emergency replacements for Ben Pritchard, Spencer Birtwistle and Steve Trafford, all of whom quit the band during an American tour in April 2006. In his 2008 autobiography Smith praised the Americans for revitalizing The Fall, due to their openness to new ideas and not being overly-impressed by influential UK bands (e.g., Oasis and the Stone Roses) that had shaped a generation of young English musicians.[10]

Smith said in an interview with Q magazine that the "post-TLC" refers to the band after the "traitors, liars and cunts..." had left.

Track listing[edit]

Original UK release[edit]

  1. "Over! Over!" (Mark E. Smith) – 4:05
  2. "Reformation!" (Smith, Robert Barbato) – 6:59
  3. "Fall Sound" (Smith, Barbato, Tim Presley, Orpheo McCord) – 3:54
  4. "White Line Fever" (Merle Haggard) – 3:00
  5. "Insult Song" (Smith, Barbato, Presley, McCord) – 5:41
  6. "My Door Is Never" (Smith) – 3:40
  7. "Coach and Horses" (Smith, McCord) – 1:48
  8. "The Usher" (Smith, Elena Poulou, Barbato, Presley, McCord) – 1:18
  9. "The Wright Stuff" (Smith, Barbato, Poulou) – 5:47
  10. "Scenario" (Smith, Barbato, Presley, McCord) – 3:25
  11. "Das Boat" (Smith, Barbato, Presley, McCord) – 10:07
  12. "The Bad Stuff" (Smith, Barbato, Poulou, Presley, McCord) – 2:25
  13. "Systematic Abuse" (Smith, Barbato, Poulou, Presley, McCord) – 8:38
  14. "Outro" (Smith, Barbato, Poulou, Presley, McCord) – 0:36

"Scenario" continuously references "Veteran's Day Poppy" by Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band, from their album Trout Mask Replica. "Over!Over!" is a cover of "Coming Down" 1968 track by United States of America (not creditated) with different lyrics.

UK vinyl edition[edit]

Released on March 5, the UK double album edition was different from the CD format. Several songs appeared in slightly alternate mixes with some tracks extended and others shortened. "Outro" was omitted altogether. On 22 March it was confirmed that later pressings of the UK CD would follow this track listing.

  1. "Over! Over!"
  2. "Reformation!" (extended)
  3. "Fall Sound"
  4. "White Line Fever"
  5. "Insult Song" (extended)
  6. "My Door Is Never"
  7. "Coach and Horses"
  8. "The Usher"
  9. "The Wright Stuff" (extended)
  10. "Scenario"
  11. "Das Boat" (edited – the introduction is missing)
  12. "The Bad Stuff"
  13. "Systematic Abuse"

US edition[edit]

The US edition was released on Narnack Records on 27 March. This edition omits "The Usher" despite the track being included on promotional copies and on the US iTunes edition [1]). All tracks that are extended on the UK 2LP edition appear in those versions rather than their UK CD counterparts. The US release also comes with four QuickTime movies of the group performing live at the Hiro Ballroom in New York City in November 2006. The songs featured are Frank Zappa's "Hungry Freaks, Daddy", "My Door Is Never", "Scenario" and "Theme From Sparta FC" from The Real New Fall LP.



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