Reformed Church in Latvia

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The Reformed Church in Latvia (Latvian: Evanģēliskā Reformātu-Brāļu draudze) is a confessional Calvinist denomination in Latvia with two congregations and the Baltic Reformed Seminary in Riga.


This denomination currently has two congregations in Riga. The oldest Calvinist church was built in 1733, membership was mostly German traders and consisted of 1000 members till 1938. During World War II, the Germans left. In 1949, the Calvinist church joined the Evangelical Church of the Brethren and the Evangelical Brethren Community. The Evangelical - Reformed Brethren Community was formed. Later in 1964, during the Communist regime the church was transferred to a sound studio.

In the 1990s the church was reorganised and with the help of the Presbyterian Church in America planted another church and founded The Baltic Reformed Seminary. The church building was returned to the church in December 1993, the rededication service was held in May 1994. Since 1996, a pastor from Toronto serves the church.[1] The Reformed Church in Latvia is a member of the World Communion of Reformed Churches.[2]


The church teaches the five Solas:




  • Baltic Reformed Seminary[4]
  • Riga Reformed Church]
  • Riga Reformed Bible Church]
  • Mission to the World (PCA)[5]

Interchurch relations[edit]

It is a member of the World Communion of Reformed Churches.[6]


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