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The Reformed Church of Aargau or Reformierte Landeskirche des Kantons Aargau is a Reformed state cantonal church in Aargau, Switzerland. It was founded in 1803, and according to the 2004 statistics the Aargau Reformed Church had 76 Presbyteries and 1 Synod with almost 200,000 members and 76 parishes and 107 ordained clergy.[1] The official language is German. Member of the Schweizerischer Evangelischer Kirchenbund.[2][3]

List of churches[edit]

Ort (Gemeinde) Name of the church[4] Parish Church patron Founding date of the church First church founding date Construction date of the church building
Aarau Reformed Church Aarau Aarau Jungfrau Maria 1275 1471–1478
Aarburg Reformed Church Aarburg Aarburg 1842–1845
Ammerswil Reformed Church Ammerswil Ammerswil-Dintikon Petrus 1275
Auenstein Reformed Church Auenstein Auenstein 1302
Baden Reformed Church Baden Baden 1714 1714 1714
Beinwil am See Reformed Church Beinwil am See Beinwil am See 1935 1935
Bergdietikon Bergdietikon Church Bergdietikon 1961 1961
Birmenstorf Reformed Church Birmenstorf Birmenstorf-Gebenstorf-Turgi 1936 1936
Birr Reformed Church Birr Birr vor 12. Jh. 1370 1662
Birrwil Reformed Church Birrwil Birrwil 1275 1689
Kirchbözberg Reformed Church Bözberg Bözberg-Mönthal Michael 11. Jh.
Bözen Reformed Church Bözen Bözen ursp. Marienkapelle 1667
Bremgarten AG Reformed Church Bremgarten Bremgarten-Mutschellen 1900 1900
Brittnau Reformed Church Brittnau Brittnau Hl. Verena 10/11. Jh. 1585
Brugg Reformed State Church Brugg Brugg Hl. Nikolaus 1227 1734-1740
Brunegg Reformed Church Brunegg Birr 1967 1967
Buchs AG Reformed Buchs Buchs-Rohr 1949/50 1949/50
Densbüren Reformed Church Densbüren Densbüren 1552-1558
Egliswil Church in Egliswil Seengen Hl. Gallus 11. Jh.
Ehrendingen Reformed Church Ehrendingen Baden 1983/84 1983/84
Erlinsbach AG Reformed Church Erlinsbach Erlinsbach 1565 1565 1565
Fislisbach Reformed Church Fislisbach Mellingen
Frick Reformed Church Frick Frick 1910 1910
Gebenstorf Reformed Church Gebenstorf Birmenstorf-Gebenstorf-Turgi Hl. Margaretha verm. 12. Jh. 1247 1891
Gontenschwil Reformed Church Gontenschwil Gontenschwil-Zetzwil nach 1275 1295 1622
Gränichen Reformed Church Gränichen Gränichen 1661-1663
Hausen AG Reformed Church Hausen Windisch
Hendschiken Reformed Church Hendschiken Lenzburg-Hendschiken 1982
Holderbank Reformed Church Holderbank Holderbank-Möriken-Wildegg 13. Jh. um 1702
Hunzenschwil Reformed Church Hunzenschwil Suhr-Hunzenschwil 1959/60 1959/60
Kirchberg (Küttigen) Church in Kirchberg Kirchberg 1036 um 1500
Kirchleerau Reformed Church Kirchleerau Leerau um 1050 1275 1275
Klingnau Reformed Church Klingnau Klingnau-Döttingen-Kleindöttingen 1935 1935
Koblenz AG Reformed Church Koblenz Koblenz
Kölliken Reformed Church Kölliken Kölliken 1507 1507
Unterkulm Reformed Church Kulm Kulm Hl. Martin 11. Jh. 1275 um 1500
Laufenburg AG Reformed Church Laufenburg Laufenburg und Umgebung 1958/59 1958/59
Lenzburg State church Lenzburg Lenzburg-Hendschiken 15. Jh. 1667
Leutwil Reformed Church Leutwil Leutwil-Dürrenäsch 1273
Mandach Church Mandach Mandach 11. Jh.
Meisterschwanden Reformed Church Meisterschwanden Meisterschwanden-Fahrwangen 1820-1822 1820-1822
Melligen Reformed Church Mellingen Mellingen
Menziken Reformed Church Menziken Menziken-Burg 1890 1890
Möhlin Reformed Church Möhlin Möhlin 1947/48 1947/48
Mönthal Reformed Church Mönthal Bözberg-Mönthal Hl. Georg verm. 11. Jh. 1273 k. A.
Möriken (Möriken-Wildegg) Reformed Church Möriken Holderbank-Möriken-Wildegg
Muhen Reformed Church Muhen Muhen
Glashütten (Murgenthal) Reformed Church Murgenthal Murgenthal
Muri Reformierte Kirche Muri Muri 1955 1955
Widen Church in Mutschellen Bremgarten-Mutschellen
Niederlenz Reformed Church Niederlenz Niederlenz 1947-1949 1947-1949
Oberentfelden Reformed Church Oberentfelden Oberentfelden
Obersiggenthal Reformed Church Centrum Obersiggenthal Baden 1985 1985 1985
Oftringen Church in Oftringen Oftringen 1933/34 1933/34
Othmarsingen Reformed Church Othmarsingen Othmarsingen 1675 1675
Rein (Rüfenach) Church in Rein Rein verm. 8. Jh. 1864
Reinach AG Reformed Church Reinach Reinach-Leimbach 1528/29 1528/29
Reitnau Reformed Church Reitnau Reitnau 1522
Remigen Reformed Church Remigen Rein Petrus 11./12. Jh. 1347
Rheinfelden Reformed Church Rheinfelden Rheinfelden
Rohr (Aarau) Reformed Church Rohr Buchs-Rohr 1959 1959
Oberrohrdorf Reformed Church Rohrdorf Mellingen
Rothrist Reformed Church Rothrist Rothrist Petrus 1714 1714
Kirchrued (Schlossrued) Church in Rued Rothrist vor dem 11. Jh. um 1500
Rupperswil Reformed Church Rupperswil Rupperswil Ende 13. Jh. 1920
Safenwil Reformed Church Safenwil Safenwil 1866 1866
Schafisheim Church in Schafisheim Staufberg Hl. Leodegar 1498
Schinznach-Dorf Reformed Church Schinznach-Dorf Schinznach-Dorf 1227 Ende 18. Jh.
Schöftland Reformed Church Schöftland Schöftland um 650 1683
Seengen Reformed Church Seengen Seengen 1820/21
Seon Reformed Church Seon Seon Hl. Martin 1408 1708
Spreitenbach Old parish church (Spreitenbach) Spreitenbach-Killwangen 1184 1638
Spreitenbach Church in Hasel Spreitenbach-Killwangen
Staufen Staufbergkirche Staufberg Hl. Laurentius 10. Jh. 1101
Stein AG Reformed Church Stein Stein und Umgebung 1927 1927
Strengelbach Reformed Church Strengelbach Zofingen
Suhr Reformed Church Suhr Suhr-Hunzenschwil ca. 9. Jh. 1495
Tegerfelden Reformed Church Tegerfelden Tegerfelden 1662–1664
Teufenthal Church in Teufenthal Kulm
Thalheim Church Thalheim Thalheim Petrus 14. Jh.
Turgi Reformed Church Turgi Birmenstorf-Gebenstorf-Turgi 1959/1960
Umiken (Brugg) Reformed Church Umiken Umiken Hl. Mauritius 1254
Uerkheim Reformed Church Uerkheim Uerkheim - - -
Unterentfelden Reformed Church Unterentfelden Unterentfelden - -
Untersiggenthal Reformed Church Untersiggenthal Baden
Veltheim Reformed Church Veltheim Veltheim-Oberflachs Johannes der Täufer um 745 1040 1760
Villigen Reformed Church Villigen Rein 1347
Villmergen Reformed Church Villmergen Wohlen
Wettingen Reformed Church Wettingen Wettingen-Neuenhof 1939 1939
Windisch Reformed Church Windisch Windisch um 1300
Wohlen Reformed Church Wohlen Wohlen 1925/26 1925/26
Würenlos Reformed Church Würenlos Würenlos 1937 1937
Zetzwil Church Zetzwil Gontenschwil-Zetzwil 1942 1942
Zofingen State Church in Zofingen Zofingen Hl. Mauritius 7. Jh. 12. Jh.
Bad Zurzach Reformed Church in Zurzach Zurzach 1716 1716

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