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The Reformed Church of Latin America (In Spanish the Iglesia Reformada Latino Americana) is a confessional Reformed and Presbyterian church in Colombia and the Caribbean and the surrounding Latin American countries.


The year of 1997 gathered in the home of Rev. Rafael Leal, Pastor James Leal and Milton Nunez to organise a Reformed church. This was the beginning of a Reformed faith. Later more churches were organised in Santa Marta in addition to founding the Providence Christian Home.[1]

In Colombia the church is called the Evangelical Presbyterian Reformed Church (Iglesia Reformada Evangélica Presbiteriana de Colombia), it has 7 congregations in Bogota, Santa Marta and Barranquilla. In 1992 PCA missionaries arrived in Bogota to plant a church. In the beginnings there were more English speaking people then Spanish. In 1993 Pastor Strumbeck handled the church. A new Church, Cristo Redentor was opened in 1997. In 2001 the first Colombian native pastor was ordained, the same year a request was received from Rafael Leal, pastor of the Reformed Church of the Rock Latin American in Barranquilla, and the Jaime Leal, pastor of a church in Santa Marta to join a provisional Presbytery. After training and examination they were received into the church. In 2004 a request was received from pastor Torres from Santa Marta to train and he was ordained in 2005.,[1][2] and consist of two presbyteries, the Central Reformed Presbytery, and the Reformed Presbytery in Caribbean.[3][4]

The Caribbean Reformed Presbytery consist of 2 officially established churches, and 7 missions, a Theological Seminary and 3 schools.[5][6]

Interchurch organisations[edit]

Reformed Church in Latin America is a member of the World Reformed Fellowship.[7]


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