Reformed Congregations in North America

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Reformed Congregations in North America
Theologyorthodox Reformed
RegionCanada, United States
New Jersey
Separated fromNetherlands Reformed Congregations
Branched fromReformed Congregations in the Netherlands
Members1.831 (2015)

The Reformed Congregations in North America has official ties with the Reformed Congregations in the Netherlands, and the churches are mainly in Canada. It has approximately 1747 members,[1] three churches in Canada and one in the United States in 2012. The theology focus is mainly on the time of the Further reformation. The largest church is the congregation of Chilliwack with over 1,200 members.[citation needed]


After the schism in the Reformed Congregations, two congregations were formed in the United States, mostly by people who broke with the Netherlands Reformed Congregations.

In Canada in Lethbridge and in Chilliwack congregations decided to cooperate. In 1967 the Chilliwack Congregation decided in its meeting to cooperate and join forces with the Reformed Congregations in the Netherlands. On June 28, 1968 the first classis[2] meeting was held in Lethbridge, Alberta.

The Chilliwack Reformed Congregation's building was dedicated in 1969, it was several times enlarged and extended, recently in 2004 from 800 to 1,200 seats. From 2011 till 2018 the church was served by pastor Rev. A. Geuze. The Lethbridge Congregation had a new building in 2008, with 325 seats.[3][4]


Congregation Members 2012 Members 2013 Members 2014 Members 2015 Minister
Chilliwack, British Columbia 1174 1209 1251 1274 vacant
Monarch, Alberta 204 215 212 211 vacant
Newark/Norwich, Ontario 300 302 314 325 vacant
Prospect Park, New Jersey 21 21 21 21 vacant

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