Reformed Congregations in the Netherlands

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Reformed Congregations in the Netherlands
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TheologyReformed, Evangelical
RegionNetherlands, South Africa, North America
Members25,942 (24,010 in the Netherlands and 1,932 abroad)
Reformed Congregation De Beek-Uddel

The Reformed Congregations in the Netherlands (Dutch: Gereformeerden Gemeenten in Nederland, abbreviated GGiN) is a pietistic Reformed church located mainly in the Netherlands, along with five congregations in North America and one in Pretoria, South Africa.


The church was founded in 1953 when Dr. C. Steenblok was dismissed from the theological seminary of the Reformed Congregations in Rotterdam, because he taught that God does not offer grace to all sinners, but only those persons who are elected and acknowledge their sins.[1] After the death of Rev. Steenblok in 1966, Rev. Mallan had the leading position of the church. He created the denominational magazine the De Wachter Sions. In 1980 a doctrinal struggle arose in the church and the denomination lost 50% of their pastors. Revs. A. van den Berg, J. de Groot and A. Wink left the denomination and they took 7 congregations with them. In 2013 the denomination has approximately 50 congregations and 25,942 members; in the Netherlands there are 24,010 members and abroad there are 1,932 members.[2]


The church affirms the Three Forms of Unity. Abortion, euthanasia, birth control, homosexuality, vaccination, insurance are rejected, and these are sinful according to the Bible. Moreover the use of television and open web is rejected. The churches are located in the Bible belt in the Netherlands, a strip running from Zeeland through Betuwe to Overijssel. Half of the members live in Gelderland.[3]


In 1954 the church had 8,800 members. The church is experiencing steady net growth of about 200-300 members per year. In 2009 the Reformed Church in the Netherlands in Gouda joined the church. In 2012 there were almost 24,000 members in the Netherlands. The largest Reformed Congregations in the Netherlands are in Opheusden and Barneveld with both 3,500 members in 2012, and Alblasserdam, Terneuzen, Ederveen, Gouda, De Beek-Uddel. There are congregations in the United States, in South Africa and Canada.[4]

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