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The Reformed Synod of Denmark (Danish: Den reformerte Synode) is a synod (council) of four Calvinist free church congregations in Denmark. A member of the World Communion of Reformed Churches, it has approximately 700 members.

The current moderator is Sabine Hofmeister. The Synod's office is at Fredericia, in Southern Denmark.


  • Reformed Congregation in Fredericia [1] (Den reformerte Meighed i Fredericia, sometimes referred to as the French Reformed Church in Fredericia), founded by Huguenots in 1719, 300 members.
  • French Reformed Church in Copenhagen (French: Eglise réformée française de Copenhague), founded 1685, 50 members, has close ties with the French Reformed Church in Stockholm, Sweden (see Swedish Free Church Council).[2]
  • German Reformed Church in Copenhagen (German: Deutsch-Reformierte Kirche zu Kopenhagen), founded in 1685, 300 members (primarily Germans, Dutch, Hungarians, Swiss and Americans, but also some Danes).[3]
  • Korean Reformed Church in Copenhagen, founded in 1989, joined the Synod in 1997, 50 members, led by a Korean pastor.[4]

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