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The Reformed systematic theology bibliography lists complete works of systematic theology in the Reformed tradition. Systematic theology is the orderly formulation of Christian doctrines and beliefs. This bibliography includes works which attempt to present a coherent account of all major doctrines of the Reformed faith. Theologians considered by scholars to be in the Reformed tradition are included, even if they are considered to have departed from any particular conception of the Reformed faith.

Dogmatics is sometimes used as a synonym for "systematic theology." Dogmatic theology properly covers beliefs which are normative within a church, while systematics may cover beliefs of individual theologians which are not considered to be firmly established.

Works of Reformed systematic theology[edit]

  • Calvin, John (1559) [1536]. Institutio christianae religionis (in Latin). Geneva.
    • English translation available online: Institutes of the Christian Religion. Translated by William Beveridge. Grand Rapids, MI: Wm. B. Eerdmans. 1989.CS1 maint: others (link)
    • Contemporary English translation: Institutes of the Christian Religion. 2 volumes. Translated by Ford Lewis Battles. Philadelphia: Westminster Press. 1960.CS1 maint: others (link)
  • Bullinger, Heinrich (1549–1551). Sermonum Decades quinqae [Five Decades of Sermons] (in Latin). Zurich.
  • Musculus, Wolfgang (1560). Loci communes sacrae theologiae (in Latin). Basel.
  • Zanchi, Girolamo (1586). De religion Christiana fides (in Latin). Basel.
    • English translation: Baschera, Luca; Moser, Christian, eds. (2007). De religion Christiana fides – Confession of Christian Religion. 2 volumes. Leiden: Brill.
  • Ursinus, Zacharias (1591). Corpus doctrinae Christianae (in Latin). Neustadt.
  • Bucanus, Gulielmus (1602). Institutiones theologicae [Institutions of Christian Religion] (in Latin). Geneva.
  • Ames, William (1623). Mudulla theologiae (in Latin). Franeker.
    • English translation: The marrow of sacred divinity. London: Edward Griffin. 1639.
    • Contemporary English translation: The Marrow of Theology. Translated by John Dykstra Eusden. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic. 1997.CS1 maint: others (link)
  • Wolleb, Johannes (1626). Compendium theologiae Christianae (in Latin).
  • Crocius, Ludwig (1636). Syntagma sacrae theologiae (in Latin). 4 volumes. Bremen.
  • Turretin, Francis (1679–1685). Institutio theologiae elencticae (in Latin). 3 volumes. Geneva.
    • English translation: Dennison, James T., Jr., ed. (1992). Institutes of Elenctic Theology. 3 volumes. Translated by George Musgrave Giger. P & R Publishing.
  • à Brakel, Wilhelmus (1700). Logikē latreia (in Dutch). The Hague.
  • Schleiermacher, Friedrich (1830–1831). Der Christliche Glaube (in German). 2 volumes. Berlin: Reimer.
    • English translation: The Christian Faith. Translated by H. R. MacKintosh. Edinburgh: T & T Clark. 1999.CS1 maint: others (link)
    • New Translation and Critical Edition: Tice, Terrence N.; Kelsey, Catherine L., eds. (2016). Christian Faith: A New Translation and Critical Edition. 2 volumes. Translated by Terrence N. Tice, Catherine L. Kelsey. Louisville, KY: Westminster Press.
  • Heppe, Heinrich (1861). Reformierte Dogmatik (in German). Elberfield: Frederichs.
    • English translation: Bizer, Ernst, ed. (2008). Reformed Dogmatics. Translated by G. T. Thomson. Wipf & Stock.
  • Hodge, Charles (1872–1873). Systematic Theology. 3 volumes. London: Nelson. Volume 1, 2, 3
  • Bavinck, Herman (1895–1901). Gereformeerde Dogmatiek (in Dutch). 4 volumes. Kampen: J.H. Bos.
    • English translation: Bolt, John, ed. (2008). Reformed Dogmatics. 4 volumes. Translated by John Vriend. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Book House.
  • Vos, Geerhardus (1896). Gereformeerde Dogmatiek (in Dutch). 5 volumes. Grand Rapids, MI.
    • English translation: Gaffin, Richard B., ed. (2012–2016). Reformed Dogmatics. 5 volumes. Translated by Richard B. Gaffin Jr. Bellingham, WA: Lexham.CS1 maint: date format (link)
  • Berkhof, Louis (1932). Systematic Theology. Grand Rapids, MI: William B. Eeerdmans.
  • Brunner, Emil (1946–1960). Dogmatik (in German). 3 volumes. Zürich: Zwingli-Verlag.
    • English translation: Dogmatics. 3 volumes. Translated by Olive Wyon. Philadelphia: Westminster Press. 1950.CS1 maint: others (link) Volume 1, 2
  • Weber, Otto (1955–1962). Grundlagen der Dogmatik (in German). Neukirchen: Verlag der Buchhandlung des Erziehungsverein.
    • English translation: Foundations in Dogmatics. 2 volumes. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans. 1981.
  • Hoeksema, Herman (1966). Reformed Dogmatics. Grand Rapids, MI: Reformed Free Publishing Association.
  • Barth, Karl (1932–1967). Kirchliche Dogmatik (in German). 13 volumes. Zürich: EVZ-Verlag.
  • Berkouwer, Gerrit Cornelis (1949–1972). Dogmatisch studiёn (in Dutch). 18 volumes. Kampen: Kok.
    • English translation: Studies in Dogmatics. 14 volumes. Translated by. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans. 1981.CS1 maint: others (link)
  • Berkhof, Hendrikus (1973). Christelijk geloof (in Dutch). Nijkerk: Callenbach.
    • English translation: Christian Faith. Translated by Sierd Woudstra. Grand Rapids, MI: Wm. B. Eerdmans. 2002.CS1 maint: others (link)
  • Genderen, J. van; Velema, W. H. (1992). Beknopte gereformeerde dogmatiek (in Dutch). Kampden: J.H. Kok.
    • English translation: Concise Reformed Dogmatics. Phillipsburg, NJ: P&R Publishing. 2008.
  • Migliore, Daniel L. (2004). Faith Seeking Understanding. Grand Rapids, MI: Wm. B. Eerdmans.
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