Reformist Party (Serbia)

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Reformist Party
Leader Ph.D. Aleksandar Višnjić
Founded 2005
Headquarters Niš
Ideology Reformism,
International affiliation none

The Reformist Party (Serbian: Реформистичка странка / Reformistička stranka) is a Niš-based political party in Serbia. Party leader is Dr Aleksandar Višnjić. It took part in the 2007 parliamentary election as an independent list and won no seats finishing the last with only 0.05 percent of vote or 1,881 votes. It is one of four parties that won less than 10,000 votes even though they had to submit exactly the same number of signatures in order to be able to run in the elections.

It had a candidate for the 2008 presidential election, its vice-president is Jugoslav Dobričanin.

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