Reforms and Freedom

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Reforms and Freedom
Riforme e Libertà
Founded 2008
Dissolved 2011
Ideology Social liberalism,
Social democracy,
Christian left,
Democratic socialism,
Political position Centre-left
Colours Red

Reforms and Freedom (Italian: Riforme e Libertà) was a left-wing coalition of parties for the 2008 general election in San Marino.

Party Ideology Electoral list
Party of Socialists and Democrats Social democracy Centre-left
Sammarinese for Freedom Social liberalism
Sammarinese Communist Refoundation Communism United Left
Left Party – Zona Franca Democratic socialism
Centre Democrats Christian left Democrats

Election results and summary[edit]

The electoral coalition won 25 seats out of 60 in the Grand and General Council in the Sammarinese parliamentary election, 2008 gaining 45.78% of the national vote but failed to gain a governmental majority. As a result, the coalition became the opposition to the new government of the right-wing coalition of Pact for San Marino.

After the political crisis of 2011, the alliance was disbanded, the Party of Socialists and Democrats joining their ancient opponents into a government of national unity.