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Refsnes Gods is a hotel near the town of Moss, Norway, on the island of Jeløy.[1] According to Frommer's travel guide, it is "the most elegant resort in the environs of Oslo."[2] The building was originally constructed in 1767 as a pleasure pavilion.[2] It contains a notable art collection.[1][3]

The hotel during winter

"Refsnes" stems from the Norwegian word "rif" (English: reef) due to a reef in the Oslofjord just outside the mansion. "Gods" means mansion in Norwegian.

Since the new owners, Gunn and Widar Salbuvik, took over in 1998, a large number of unique pieces of art have found a new home at Refsnes Gods. Every guest room and all the common areas have works of a dedicated artist displayed. More than 400 pieces[1] from 90 well-known artists are represented. The list of the artists include names like: Andy Warhol, Edvard Munch,[2] Therese Nordtvedt, Carl Nesjar, Kjell Nupen, Håkon Bleken, Frans Widerberg, Jacob Weidemann. Three works by Munch were stolen from the hotel in March 2005; they were shortly recovered, although one of the works was damaged during the robbery.[4] The resort is also known for its wine cellar.[5]


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