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Reftarıdil Kadın
Imperial consort of the Ottoman Sultan
Tenure30 May 1876 – 31 August 1876
Born5 June 1838
North Caucasus
Died3 March 1936(1936-03-03) (aged 97)
Ortaköy Palace, Istanbul, Ottoman Empire
SpouseMurad V
IssueŞehzade Mehmed Selaheddin
FatherHatkoyuko Hatko

Reftarıdil Kadın (5 June 1838 – 3 March 1936) was the second wife of Sultan Murad V of the Ottoman Empire.


Reftarıdil Kadın was born in 1838 to an Abadzekh notable, Hatkoyuko Hatko.[1] Her family used to live at the coast of Black Sea. She had two sisters Terandil Hanım and Ceylanmelek Hanım who were also given to the palace along with her and were later married to other high officials. She was a lovely lady with a pink skin, large blue eyes, straight nose, and a round face. She was also honest and goodhearted.

Reftarıdil married Murad on 4 February 1859 in the Dolmabahçe Palace.[2] She gave birth two sons, Şehzade Mehmed Selaheddin Efendi in 1861.[3] She became İkinci Kadın on 30 May 1876 when her husband ascended the throne as Sultan Murad V. After the abdication of her husband in the Çırağan Palace and his death in 1904, she along with other members of Murad's family were still imprisoned in the palace. In 1910 her son, Şehzade Selaheddin Efendi bought a mansion at Ortaköy.

In 1934 "Reftarıdil" took the surname "Hatgil". She had her niece, Dilberistan Hanım, married to her son, Şehzade Mehmed Selaheddin. She died in Ortaköy Palace, Istanbul on 3 March 1936.[4]


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