Refugio Creek

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Refugio Creek by Creekside Center in Hercules, California
Refugio Creek
Refugio Creek1.png
CountryUnited States
RegionContra Costa County
CityRodeo, California
Physical characteristics
 ⁃ location4 mi (6 km) south of Crockett, California
 ⁃ coordinates37°59′48″N 122°13′27″W / 37.99667°N 122.22417°W / 37.99667; -122.22417[1]
 ⁃ elevation660 ft (200 m)
MouthSan Pablo Bay
 ⁃ location
southwest of Rodeo, California
 ⁃ coordinates
38°1′18″N 122°17′7″W / 38.02167°N 122.28528°W / 38.02167; -122.28528Coordinates: 38°1′18″N 122°17′7″W / 38.02167°N 122.28528°W / 38.02167; -122.28528[1]
 ⁃ elevation
3 ft (0.91 m)[1]

Refugio Creek (pronounced REH-foo-GEE-oh from Spanish refugio meaning: shelter) is a 4.4-mile-long (7.1 km)[2] watercourse running through the Refugio Valley from the hills of western Contra Costa County, California.


It runs from the hills to its mouth at San Pablo Bay through the city of Hercules and unincorporated areas, including the town of Rodeo. The creek passes through a dense suburban area in addition to Refugio Valley Park. The creek is almost entirely at the surface level and unaltered although its riparian habitat is largely destroyed in the more developed areas. Refugio means "refuge" in the Spanish language.


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