Refugio Paz de Las Aves

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Refugio Paz de Las Aves is located in Ecuador
Refugio Paz de Las Aves
Location in Ecuador

The Refugio Paz de Las Aves (meaning: Peace of the Birds sanctuary)[1] is a 25-hectare (62-acre) private nature reserve in the western foothills of the Ecuadorian Andes.[2] It is located near the equator at 1,969 metres' (6,460 ft) altitude, between Mindo parish and Nanegalito.[3] Besides grassland and secondary forest, 10 ha of the area is covered by primary forest on steep inclines, that is protected by the owners.[2]

It is regularly visited by nature loving tourists and birdwatchers due to the ease with which some deep forest species may be observed here. Six antpitta species are present (giant, yellow-breasted, moustached, Chestnut-crowned antpitta, Scaled antpitta and ochre-breasted antpittas), which the owners can locate without the use of sound playback.[2] An Andean cock-of-the-rock lek was discovered in 2005,[3] and dark-backed wood-quail and lyre-tailed nightjar are other specialties. Hummingbird feeders have been placed at the edge of the forest.


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Coordinates: 0°0′37″S 78°42′46″W / 0.01028°S 78.71278°W / -0.01028; -78.71278