Refused (album)

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Residents Refused.jpg
Studio album by The Residents
Released 1999

Refused, also known as Santa Dog '99, was released by the Residents towards the end of 1999 to celebrate the end of the millennium (using the popular, rather than mathematically correct, impression of the end of the millennium). The Residents had previously reworked the song "Fire" (a.k.a. "Santa Dog") a number of times since the release of the original single in 1972, ostensibly to give an idea of where they were musically at the time. This release compiled the past versions, a new version that had been previously available only as a download, and a number of other variations on the theme. It was released by Ralph America in a limited run of 1333 copies (1999 minus 1333 is 666, the Number of the Beast).

Track listing[edit]

  1. Santa Dog '84 (Unfinished) (A Work in Progress)
  2. Fire
  3. Lightning
  4. Explosion
  5. Aircraft Damage
  6. Flood
  7. Santa Dog '78 (Fire)
  8. Famine
  9. Santa Dog '88
  10. Plague
  11. Santa Dog NYE (Live)
  12. Pestilence
  13. Where Are Your Dogs? Show Us Your Ugly!
  14. Fire '99/Santa Dog 2nd Millennium