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Reginald Cribb is an Australian playwright and actor.

Early life[edit]

Cribb graduated from National Institute of Dramatic Art at the University of New South Wales in 1990 and his first play, Night of the Sea Monkey, was performed in 1999.[1]


Cribb's plays include:

With Rachel Perkins, Cribb co-wrote the screenplay for the movie Bran Nue Dae based on the 1989 stage musical Bran Nue Dae written by Jimmy Chi.[12]

Acting career[edit]

Cribb appeared in the film A Country Life.[13]

He appeared in Home and Away during the 1990s,[14] with appearances in G.P., A Country Practice and Police Rescue.[15] He also sang the song "Banana Holiday" on the ABC children's TV series Bananas in Pyjamas with Monica Trapaga as well as the main cast of the show.[citation needed]

Stage history includes Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead,[16] Hester,[17] The Players,[18] Face to Face,[19] Romeo and Juliet[20] and The Turning.[21]


  • Last Cab to Darwin – 2003 Qld Premier's Literary Award,[4] 2003 Patrick White Playwrights’ Award,[4] 2003 WA Premier’s Award for Best Script, overall 2003 WA Premier's Award (the first to win this award),[4] 2003 WA Equity Award for Best New Script. Shortlisted for the Victorian Premier’s Literary Award, the NSW Premier’s Literary Award and the 2003 Australian Writers’ Guild Award.
  • The Return – 2001 Patrick White Playwrights’ Award[4] and shortlisted for the 2001 Qld Premier’s Literary Award.
  • The Chatroom – shortlisted for the 2004 Patrick White Playwrights’ Award, the 2005 Qld Premier’s Literary Award and the 2005 WA Premier’s Literary Award.
  • Gulpilil – shortlisted for the 2001 Australian Writers’ Guild Award.
  • Ruby's Last Dollar – shortlisted for the Victorian Premier’s Literary Award and the WA Equity Awards.
  • Screenplay for Last Train to Freo – 2006 WA Premier's Award. Nominated for the 2006 Qld Premier's Literary Award and Victorian Premier's Literary Award, as well as a 2006 AWGIE and Best Adapted Screenplay in the 2006 AFI Awards and Critics Circle Awards.[4]
  • Country Song it won the 2013 Rodney Seaborn Playwright's Award for New Work.[11]

In 2015, Cribb was the Professional in Residence at the Perth's Film & Television Institute.[22]


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