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Regal is a brand of UK cigarette produced by Imperial Tobacco. Originally released as Embassy Regal, it became very popular as it was a coupon cigarette until around the year 1999. Available at supermarkets for £9.68 per packet of 20, they are classed as a "premium" brand cigarette and one of the most expensive available in the United Kingdom. Regal are very popular in Scotland, Northern Ireland and in the north of England, however further south, Regal's sister brand Embassy is more popular.[citation needed]

Regal is available in king size and regular filter size.

Current UK Variants[edit]

  • Regal King Size (10s & 20s)
  • Regal Filter (10s & 20s)

All variants produce 10mg of tar, 10 mg of carbon monoxide and 0.9 mg of nicotine.