Regele Ferdinand Avenue, Cluj-Napoca

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Coordinates: 46°46′16″N 23°35′24″E / 46.771203°N 23.589948°E / 46.771203; 23.589948

King Ferdinand
Regele Ferdinand
Strada Regele Ferdinand.jpg
The Northern end
Former name(s) Strada Podului, Strada Gheorghe Doja
From Strada Horea/Hotel Astoria
To Bulevardul 1 Decembrie 1989

Regele Ferdinand Avenue (named after King Ferdinand I; previously called Strada Podului), is a street in central Cluj-Napoca, Romania, featuring a wide range of structures built between 18th and 19th centuries. It is a primary commercial street.

A building ensemble that fastens the corners of the oldest bridge over the Someşul Mic River was built at the northern end of the avenue during the last decade of the 19th century: the Berde, Babos, Elian, Urania, and Szeky palaces consist of a mixture of Baroque, Renaissance and Gothic styles, following the Art Nouveau/Secession and Revival specifics.[1]

Buildings on Regele Ferdinand Avenue


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