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Regency Council: Ostrowski, Kakowski, Lubomirski

The Regency Council of the Kingdom of Poland (Polish: Rada Regencyjna Królestwa Polskiego) was a semi-independent and temporary highest authority (head of state) during World War I, formed by Germany and Austria-Hungary in the occupied Polish territories in September 1917. It was supposed to stay in office until a new king or Regent would be appointed. In October 1918 the Council overtook also the command over the Polska Siła Zbrojna.

The members of the Regency Council were:


Together with the State Council and the formed governments it exercised a limited administrative powers, mainly in education and justice areas. On November 14 of the same year it passed all authority to Józef Piłsudski, from November 22 the newly appointed Supreme Head of the State (Naczelnik Państwa).

Prime Ministers[edit]