Regent's Park Estate

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Tower blocks on the estate

Regent's Park Estate is a housing estate in the London Borough of Camden. The estate lies on either side of Robert Street, between Albany Street and Hampstead Road. It is immediately to the east of the Regent's Park estate owned by the Crown Estate. The estate includes the sites of Cumberland Market, Munster Square and Clarence Gardens.

The estate mainly comprises council housing built in the 1950s and owned or formerly owned by the London Borough of Camden. It stands on land sold in 1951 by the Crown Estate to the Metropolitan Borough of St Pancras, following the destruction of most of the buildings in the area during the London Blitz. However new blocks are being constructed for replacement houses for HS2

The northern part of the estate is now faced with the prospect of some buildings being demolished in the proposals for a high-speed rail link HS2 to operate out of an expanded Euston. Camden Council which is objecting to the plans has produced area plans for regeneration.

Most of the Estate is named after places in the Lake District such as Windermere, Cartmel, Rydal Water (see also Street names of Regent's Park).

Coordinates: 51°31′43″N 0°08′28″W / 51.5285°N 0.1412°W / 51.5285; -0.1412