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Eastern half of Regent Court.

Regent Court is a block of flats in the Hillsborough district of Sheffield, England.

The building was designed in 1936 by Edgar Gardham and completed in 1936. Funded privately, it was the largest housing complex in the city at the time, a similar smaller block also being built by Gardham on Duke Street.

Despite lying in a working class area, the building boasted high specifications and rents. With styling loosely inspired by modernism, it was arguably the first workers' housing of the modern movement in the UK, preceding the purer Kensal House in London by a year.

The building is nine storeys high, with a central entrance leading to a communal lounge and three lifts. In total, it comprises 202 balcony access flats, ranging from one to three bedrooms. Tennis courts were constructed in the grounds, but other advertised leisure facilities were never completed.

The block became run down in the late twentieth century before renovation in the 1990s.


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Coordinates: 53°24′13″N 1°29′52″W / 53.4035°N 1.4979°W / 53.4035; -1.4979