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Regents of the University of Colorado are the regent directors of the University of Colorado system responsible for the overall university system.[1] It is an elected position with a term of 6 years.[2][3] Seven of the seats represent the congressional districts of Colorado, while 2 are "at-large." Representing the "at large" regents are Steve Ludwig, D, 2007-2013;[4] and Steve Bosley, R, 2005-2011;[5] 2011-2017. The regents representing congressional districts are Michael Carrigan, D, (CD1), whose term runs through 2017; Joseph Neguse, D, (CD2), 2009–2015; and Tilman "Tillie" Bishop, R, (CD3), 2007-2013. Tom Lucero, R, will finish up his term for CD4 in 2011 at which time Sue Sharkey, R, will replace him. Kyle Hybl, Board Chairman, represents CD5 and will hold his term through 2013. The final two are James Geddes, R, (CD6) 2009-2015; and Monisha Merchant, D, (CD7), 2009–2015.[6]

2010 Votes[edit]

CU regents approve athletics committee[edit]

In November 2010, five of the nine CU regents voted to reinstate an athletics board committee which was abolished in 2006. The committee will monitor compliance with NCAA rules and student athletes' academic performance. The committee will also review construction and renovation plans of athletic buildings and athletic budgets at the Boulder and Colorado Springs' campuses. The newly formed committee will consist of three members from the board, at least one of whom is from the minority party and meet three times a year with campus athletic department directors, and the faculty athletic representatives.[7]

Joe Neguse (D) and Jim Geddes (R) were co-sponsors of the measure. Geddes wrote in a letter that he felt the board would promote the university's athletic departments and help with fundraising efforts.[8] Neguse stated the committee would monitor Title IX compliance.[9] Tom Lucero (R), Michael Carrigan (D), and Monisha Merchant (D) also voted in favor of the measure. Carrigan originally showed concern that the committee would add another bureaucratic layer to the board but voted in favor of the measure when an amendment was added which would cause the committee to expire on June 30, 2012, unless reauthorized by the board at that time.[10]

Stephen Ludwig (D), Steve Bosley (R), and Tillie Bishop (R) voted against the reinstatement of the committee. Opponents viewed the committee a "distraction" and stated the information provided by the new committee was already available in other reports. Bosley had expressed concern in September 2010 that the board would attempt to set ticket event prices and get involved with coaching personnel decisions.[11] Kyle Hybl (R), board chairman did not need to cast a tie-breaking vote.

Guaranteed enrollment for community college students[edit]

The University of Colorado Board of Regents voted unanimously in November 2010 to guarantee university admission to Colorado community college students who have completed 30 transferable semester hours with a 2.7 grade point average or better.[12]