Regiment Mooirivier

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Regiment Mooi Rivier
SANDF Regiment Mooi River
SANDF Regiment Mooi River emblem
Active 1954 to present
Country  South Africa
Type Armoured Car Regiment
Size One Battalion
Part of
Garrison/HQ Potchefstroom
Motto(s) Semper Prorsum
Ever Forward[1][2]
Equipment Eland 90, Rooikat armoured fighting vehicle
Lt Col Heiko H-P.J. Stark
Honorary Colonel Colonel Gert van der Walt
Beret Colour Black
Armour Squadron emblems SANDF Armour squadron emblems
Armour beret bar circa 1992 SANDF Armour beret bar

Regiment Mooirivier (named after the Mooi River) is an armoured regiment of the South African Army. As a reserve unit, it has a status roughly equivalent to that of a British Army Reserve or United States Army National Guard unit. It is part of the South African Army Armour Formation and is headquartered in the South African university town of Potchefstroom.



The Regiment was founded in 1941 as 2 Anti Tank Regiment and re-instituted in 1954 by the first vice-rector of the Potchefstroom University, Professor Fanus du Plessis.[3]

Regiment Mooirivier was re-instituted as 2 Antitank Regiment, South African Army/Active Citizen Force (ACF).

During 1955 the regiment was converted to an armoured car regiment and renamed Regiment Hendrik Potgieter. In 1959 the Regiment was renamed Regiment Mooirivier.[2]

Under the SADF[edit]

This unit served in South Africa's various internal conflicts as well as during the South African Border War, including duty in South-West Africa and cross-border raids into Angola between 1975 and 1984. The regiment participated in Operations Askari, Modular, Hooper and Packer. The regiment was equipped with Eland 90s at that stage.

Divisional affiliation[edit]

Under the SANDF[edit]

82 Mechanised Brigade Division was disbanded, and Regiment Mooirivier was transferred to the new armoured 'type' formation, the South African Army Armoured Formation.

Current equipment[edit]

The Regiment currently uses the Rooikat armoured fighting vehicle, equipped with a 76 mm quick-fire gun.

Rooikat Armoured Car

Regimental Symbols[edit]

  • Regimental motto: Semper Prorsum.

Previous dress insignia[edit]

SADF era Regiment Mooirivier shoulder title 
SADF era Regiment Mooirivier beret badge 

Battle honours[edit]

  • None known


From Honorary Colonel To
n.d. Colonel Gert van der Walt Present
From Commanding Officer To
April 1954 Commandant J.S. du Plessis January 1967
January 1967 Commandant C.W.A. Steyn May 1971
May 1971 Commandant C.H. Heenop May 1979
December 1979 Commandant S.G. Greyling December 1987
January 1988 Lt Col. W.H. van Zyl March 2001
May 2001 Lt Col. T. du P Snyman May 2005
May 2005 Lt Col. B.J. de Klerk January 2014
January 2014 Lt Col. H.H-P.J. Stark Present
From Regimental Sergeant Major To
April 1954 WO1 P.F. Smit July 1966
July 1966 WO1 S.W. van der Merwe March 1993
April 1993 WO1 W.J. Wagner Present


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